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Introduction of Laser Technology

2019-04-26 09:51:02

The AnalyticApplication and Introduction of Laser Technology

When applying to thecutting, the laser technology provides very excellent cutting quality andproduction efficiency when cutting different materials. Among the 2 mainindustrial laser cutting machines, CO2 and fiber laser, the investment cost ofthe CO2 laser is much less than that of the fiber laser, but the maintenancecost is high. Though some industrial laser cutting machines can cut thicker(thickness over 25mm) steel plates, there are many other factors needs to beconsidered when deciding to purchase laser cutting machine model, including:the spare parts quantity which needs to be cut, materials, steel thickness, andthe cutting quality requirements, and the demand for secondary processing.

Lasersystem components: laser resonant cavity, laser beam transmission, and thecutting head

Lasermodel: CO2 laser, fiber laser, direct diode laser, YAG laser.

Fiberlaser cutting application: since the high quality laser beam, the fiber laseris the priority choice for precision cutting, narrow slit and high qualitycutting.

Thetypical cutting materials: low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper,brass and titanium.