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How to choose right model cnc cutting machine

Beryl 2019-05-17 15:41:07

How to choose right model cutting machine

To choose a most suitable CNC cutting machine,we need to consider following factors: cutting breadth, structure,cutting mode,torch height adjusting mode. They can also be assembled together on request.

1.Cutting breadth
Cutting breadth refers to effective cutting width and length.
   1).Take portable type as example, when you put our machine ontothe plate, you should consider two aspects:size of work piece,you should makesure the machine can cut it for one time; width of plate.When the machine isput onto the plate, its effective cutting width should be as long as platewidth.

   2).For other type,it is the same,Cutting breadth of our machine depends on specifications of plate to cut. Youshould make sure the machine can cut work piece for one time. Otherwise, it isinconvenient to move our machine time and time again.For Gantry structure, toincrease efficiency, you can put two pieces of plate breadthwise or lengthwaysat the same time.

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2. Structure
   We have Portable Cantilever, Gantry and Table type.
   Portable Cantilever type: Easy to move and install, save space,low cost. But effective cutting width is limited,max working width is up to1.8m.
   Gantry type, good rigidity, cutting width can be from 3 to 10m.Butneed high installation accuracy requirements and special plant area.
   Table type is integral structure, with quick and accurateemplacement, but cutting breadth is limited.

3.Cutting mode
   Cutting mode can be classified from different aspects;
   Flame cutting, plasma cutting, Both flame and plasma cutting;
   Dry-type plasma cutting and Under water plasma cutting;
   CNC and Strip cutting machine(Linear cutting machine).