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Guidline for portable type choice

2019-04-16 11:28:35

Guidance for thePortable (Mini) CNC Cutting Machine Model Selection

Nowadaysthere are many portable CNC cutting machine manufacturers in China, makingcustomers dazzled and not knew which kind of machine is the best, cannot choosethe right equipment they want. So Kaierbei CNC introduces the basic knowledgeof portable CNC cutting machine model selection.

1.    Selection ofthe software

1)    Mainly thecontrol system selection

    The control system is a core part of CNC cutting machine, a good control systemshould have been recognized by both customers and manufacturers. The controlsystem selection, customers need to consider the performance, operation andconvenience, and also later maintenance and system upgrading.

The control system atleast should meet the demands for practical application first, such as graphdisplay tracking, cutting trail tracking, steel plate auto correction, memorysize and anti-interference etc., the system which can meet the practical needsis the best.

2)    Nestingsoftware

    Nesting software is also included programming software. Most manufacturers willsend the programming software, graph programming conversion software, alongwith the machine when deliver the equipment. We should attach more importanceto the powerful use of the nesting software.

2.    Selection ofhardware

1)    Selection ofrail: from the aspect of rail structure, for domestic portable CNC cuttingmachine, there are mainly 2 kinds: one is the whole body aluminum profile railfrom mold, the characteristics are: stable operation, not easy to deform forlong time use with the whole body structure; and the other kind is aluminumalloy framed bottom, the characteristics are: low cost, simple structure, easyto dismantle, and convenient replacing, but the strength is not high enough,and easy to deform and increase interval after long time use.

2)    Additionalcomponent: portable CNC cutting machine has many advantages, such as light,taking less space, easy to move, it can absolutely realize the irregular shapecutting of all kinds of small work piece. But there is still disadvantage, suchas single side drive, the cross beam will be shaking when the car moving fast.Then the machine can be installed stiffener, which is very practical, andstructure is simple, the light Z axis installed the stiffener can greatlyreduce the shaking. Customer can compare the machine from motor, structure andmaterials.

3)    Configurationof the CNC cutting machine: Customer can compare the motor, driver, relay, chipand other key parts of the machine, better to choose the parts of famousbrands.

4)    Anti-interferenceof the whole equipment: not all manufacturers can master the anti-interferencetechnology, customers need to inspect themselves.