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Differences between the stepper and servo

Vickie Wei 2019-04-28 16:17:36

Differences between thestepper and servo

There is no qualityproblem on the domestic motor in CNC plasma cutting machine, and the precisionis the same with that of the imported Servo motor. The key is that theoperation speed and transition is not as good as the imported Servo motor. Andthe precise high speed machining in open-loop system and closed-loop system isalso different. However, for the CNC cutting machine which used for roughmachining, the Stepper motor can basically meet the users’ machining needs. Ifyou have very high requirements for the precision of the machining work piece,then you could replace the Stepper motor with Servo motor.

Normally, the key partsof the CNC plasma cutting machine in China are all produced domestically. Eventhough there are foreign brand parts, the parts are still contracted in China,so there are no absolutely domestic CNC cutting machine with all importedparts, which many users may ignored. In recent years, along with theincreasingly improvement of the domestic motor technology, the domestic Servomotor and reducer are already adopted by economical CNC cutting machinemanufacturers.

Normally there are 3Stepper motors in Table and Gantry CNC cutting machine, the power of the motorcontrolling X and Y axes is high, and the motor in Z axis which control thetorch lifting is a small direct current motor. For slow speed, stableoperation, Stepper motor is adopted normally.

For gantry CNC cuttingmachine, the power of one side driver is 750W, and both sides are 1500W. Thepower of the torch motor which transmitted through steel wire or steel belt isabout 450W. The equipped driver can be Chinese Stepper driver, Chinese Servodriver and imported Servo driver etc. In normal conditions, the Chinese Servoand Stepper motor can completely meet the cutting requirements.