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Indian Customers Visited Our Company

2019-07-10 10:28:40

Indian CustomersVisited Our Company

    After a longtime preparation, our two Indian customers visited our company successfullyyesterday.

    After a shortbreak in hotel, they came to our company to discuss the KCG-A Gantry CNC plasmaand flame cutting machine as we communicated before. We showed them thepictures of all our models and types of our machines, they paid great interestin them.

    Then, we went toour workshop, introduced all the in production machines to them, KCG-A gantrytype, KCG-B gantry type, KCT-B table type, KCG-A stripping type, KCM-P portableplate and pipe cutting machine, and KCM portable plate cutting machine, andmulti-axis pipe cutting machine. After introduced these machines, we showed thecutting of the KCG-A model with plasma and oxygen, they are very satisfied withthe cutting samples, and wanted to take the cutting sample back. Then, we askedour engineer to demonstrate the operation of the machine for them, afterknowing the operation, they said it was very easy.

    We backed to ouroffice, they decided to buy 4 sets of plasma cutting machines after having atour around.