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difference between domestic laser machine and imported laser machine

Andy 2020-04-07 17:34:33

Differences between domestic laser cutting machine and imported laser cutting machine

The laser cutting machine is invented by western country, so many buyers at home also consider import laser cutting machine first. Are the imported machine really good? Let’s make a comparison between them.

Many people though the imported laser cutting machine are   better than domestic, they thought the quality can be guaranteed. Is that true?

There is gap between our domestic laser cutting machine and imported machine, and that is true, so many companies introduced foreign technology, and also imported spare parts from abroad, therefore, the quality of domestic machine is almost the same with imported machine. And on the performance, actually the domestic laser cutting machine performs well, and with lower price. Due to the brand, and custom duties, make the imported laser cutting machine are much high than that in their local places. For the companies who are not strict with cutting precision, choosing domestic laser cutting machine is rerally a good choice.

Furthermore, many domestic companies own the technical support from overseas, so consumers do not need to worry about the quality. With strong support of national fund and technology, China is making efforts in the research and development of laser cutting machine. Now, there is no problem for Chinese companies to produce primary equipment about laser cutting machine. Only the high cutting precision and high end laser cutting machine need to be imported, or the major spare parts need to be imported.

The trend of laser cutting machine

1.High speed, high cutting precision laser cutting machine: the improvement of the high power laser beam and the application of 32 particles, create favorable conditions for high speed and high cutting precision laser cutting machine.

2.Thick metal plate cutting and large area working piece: with the increasing of the power of the laser device, the laser cutting is transforming from thin industrial metal plates to thick and heavy industrial metal plates.

3. 3D multiple axis CNC laser cutting machine: to meet the demand for work piece cutting for auto mobiles and aerospace etc., now various kinds of 5-axis and 6-axis laser cutting machine have been developed, and the axis can be up to 9 axes, with high speed and high cutting precision. On the automobiles production line, the application of laser cutting machine is becoming more and more. The 3D laser cutting machine is developing to high efficiency, high precision, multi-function and high adaptability, and the application scope is wider and wider.

4. Laser cutting automation: to increase the production efficiency and save labor, the laser cutting is developing to FMC, unmanned and automation. To develop the unit automation system, it depends on the current automatic control, network control technology and computer aided management system etc. There are many laser cutting unit provided in the market in foreign countries, and there are 6 sets of unmanned cutting production line with large-scale laser cutting machine of its core on operation.

5. Compact and combine integrated CNC laser cutting machine: with the decreasing of the laser volume and increasing of the laser power, and the continuously improvement of auxiliary devices, the laser, power source, main engine, control system and circulating water cooling device are compactly united to be a whole set of compact laser cutting machine with small volume and perfect function. Otherwise, people are developing the laser cutting technology to be unit with laser welding and laser surface quenching etc, to develop a machine with multi functions, improving the utilization of equipment.

When choosing the laser cutting machine, companies should not only notice the advantage of imported laser cutting machine, and ignore the advantages of domestic laser cutting machine. To choose the suitable machine, improving the production efficiency and economic efficiency, is the right way.