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About Us

Wuhan Kaierbei CNCTechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called as Wuhan Kaierbei), founded in 2011,specialized in the researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing ofCNC plasma and flame cutting machine, and committed to making the mosteconomical and practical CNC cutting machine for the users both in China andabroad.
In these years, WuhanKaierbei has been focusing on the technology development of cutting and weldingindustry, providing leading industry technology, high quality cutting andwelding equipment and perfect technique support for the users in the world. Andnow, Wuhan Kaierbei has been developed into a professional manufacturer of CNCplasma and flame cutting machine.
Wuhan Kaierbeimanufactures and supplies many kinds of CNC cutting machines, mainly including:gantry CNC plasma and flame cutting machine, portable CNC plasma and flamecutting machine, table CNC plasma and flame cutting machine, strip cuttingmachine, fabric laser cutting machine, cantilever CNC cutting machine, andintersection line CNC pipe cutting machine. Wuhan Kaierbei also offers ODM andOEM services to meet customers’ demands. The products have been exported toover 60 countries.